She lost her chance to study Science and become a Doctor, when she corrected her Buddhist Teacher, who shared a distorted creation story to discredit the Bible.

provided scholarship for her to study abroad, where she is doing a bridge course. Please pray for her higher studies.

My heart goes out to all the Chinese brothers and sisters here. Once again, the face so much persecution. They face a lot of family pressure if they are believers. Children are not allowed to go to the church service, but that doesn’t stop godly parents from taking them. It’s a whole different world over here in China, one where the choice to be a Christian can be costly. We pray for a wonderful revival here, and we pray for the people that we see day today as we go about our business. There can be so much oppression spiritually that sometimes my heart feels so heavy. But it’s nothing compared to what God feels. Imagine watching my children walk away from the Lord? It would be so painful and as I consider his heart for the lost people of China, who don’t know about his love and freedom, I can only imagine it is the pain I would feel multiplied multiplied and then again multiplied. If you live in a country where there is freedom, don’t take it for granted. Tell people about Jesus!

We are looking at starting a new mission restaurant serving Texas brisket.
Thinking of names. Any ideas?

This week has felt very lonely for some reason. Living in a communist country where spiritual oppression can be strong practically and spiritually and press down upon us.

Desiring to see more and more souls for Jesus!
Desiring to see yokes of bondage and sin lifted off thousands!
Desiring to see orphans loved and adopted. Not left to rot in orphanages without love.
Desiring to inspire those saved to reach out and be contagious for Jesus!


Pressing on!

It’s raining here And there are many roads in our city that are flooding! Beijing has asked for people to stay home. Buses have stopped.

PLEASE PRAY for the elderly and people who have difficult circumstances as a result. Some have to be evacuated. Others remember a flash flooding that happened in 2012 that lost 79 lives.

It’s quiet amazing thought I get rain for two weeks in a row - as usually Beijing is hot and no rain all summer long!

And here is a video of how we are being affected 😂😂😂. Thinking of inviting the grandchildren for a splashing party! This is a sunroom upstairs in our house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

For all of you who pray foR us, we are pressing on! Remember your brothers and sisters in Chains in China 🙏

Ok! Somebody actually challenged @sinbach to a Christian/Buddhism debate - and Eugene accepted.
Let's hope that the other side will show up and that this conversation will bring life & Godly love 😃

(link to Youtube: )

Masks don't work (studies show they are harmful), lock downs don't work (studies show they are harmful), mRNA "vaccines" don't work (studies show they are harmful) and the treatments they have given in hospitals in the Western don't work (studies show they are harmful). I am prone to believe those who say this is a PLandemic, and the plan was to harm humanity - not to help and heal. I am not in the medical field, but still I understand, and understood from the beginning, that things weren't done properly. I'm not in the medical field, but I have hundreds of scientific articles in my computer. I don't understand that there are people working in the medical field, journalist, politicians etc. who still believe the narrative. And claim that they believe science and follow science! It's a joke! They follow the money, and Pfizer's statements. Have they read any serious research? I suppose they are not interesting in learning the truth.

@Backtojerusalem I pray for God’s HOLY BIBLE to be given to people of all nations & tribes.. that they might read of & experience His love & forgiveness!!!!

Watch 🙏 Pray. Let's keep an eye on this 🧐

More Pestilences Erupt: Marburg, H3N8, H5N1, And A “Mystery Disease” In Burundi - Michael Snyder

Has the next major global pandemic already started? Right now, multiple outbreaks are alarming world health authorities. We all saw the fear that COVID caused, but the diseases that I am going to discuss in this article could potentially create far more panic if they were to start rapidly spreading among humans all over the planet

God is moving mightily in our Nation! Thank you for standing with us through prayers and other resources.

5 Million Secret Church Meetings in China EVERY WEEK!

Christian leaders in the underground house church in China have recently shared that this is now one of the most challenging times “in the history of the church.”

Read the full story:

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