Day 5 of not being allowed to leave our home. I think about 70% of Beijing is probably on lockdown. But I hear grocery stores are being emptied wherever people are actually allowed out of their homes.

Beijing has 1800 new cases today and that’s huge for here. The days ahead will be interesting.

They come to our home each day to do covid test while on this lockdown. It feels surreal.

UPDATE: So their family is locked into their home for 7 days. Their door was sealed with paper border that can only be broken when the white hazmat suits show up to take a daily covid test.... So far our own family has not heard anything, so we are ok for the time being!

No sleep. Can't lay down because I cough so much. Staying home again today. Bronchitus sucks.Im going to.load up on quercetin. The steroids are hell.

The first realm of government God has bequeathed to man is self-governance. The most effective way to reform national government is through personal repentance and reformation.

Are you sick of corrupt, “elite,” pedophiles in government? Get your face out of porn! You are part of the problem!

Are you sick of money laundering snakes in Washington? Stop lying and stealing yourself!

Jesus said that those who are faithful with a little will be faithful with much and this who are unfaithful with a little will be unfaithful with much. (Luke 16:10).

America is not getting out of this mess without mass deliverance. We are like the man of the tombs who had a “legion” of demons. Those creeps need to be driven into pigs and cast into the sea. (Luke 8:26-37).

Clean out your own house. That is the only road to cleaning out the White House.

My Step Father In Law died this morning. is name was Raymond Zeller turned 100 in August. He was a veteran of WW2. Please keep my Mother in Law and their families in your prayers and thoughts. They were married for 25 years. He worked in the fight industry. He even got to work on portions of the Shuttle design.

Our city in China is locking down many areas. Lock downs in China are harsh and direct. Our friends door has had alarms installed on it so that if they open their door to go out, it will ring and notify their community and police. This is quite common. So far our city has handled lock downs fairly well compared to other ones where massive food shortages occurred.
Please pray for:
- our family and our sons family who lives nearby
- the elderly - it brings back memories of the Great Starvation days where they suffered greatly
- Christians to use these hard days to share Gods love with each other and those who are not saved yet!

We are preparing and getting ready! With vision and purpose while living in China! God be Glorifed

" A miracle a day keeps the devil away !!!
True or not, we know it is not fun , if you 'Need miracles everyday!!!!

The authorities told us No!
We couldn't hear them, we were chatting with The Carpenter from Galilee. You know Him ?
Someone who is working all the time.
It seems it's in His Gene's!
We heard him say " My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.”

We are thankful to God for the miracles.
We are thankful to you for your prayers.
Thank you @sinbach for

Y’all please say a prayer for my son. He’s been sick for a month and is not getting better. He tested positive for rhinovirus and I think the post nasal drip is screwing up his belly (vomiting and diarrhea). He has had a cough for 4 straight weeks and today went to the urgent care for ear infections. I just want my baby boy to have some relief and I just don’t even know what to do for him anymore.

Just "confessed" to my sister that I am now a Christian and believe in Jesus. Quite a thiing.

Hurricane Ian: Pray for Florida.

Ian has mostly missed us in Tampa, where we've had rain and wind for 24 hours, but it's supposed to be at its peak, and not much worse than a typical storm except it lasts longer. 50 MPH wind, 2.75" rain.

It's really bad around Fort Meyers, 150 miles/hr winds.

The wind will be less as it goes north, but Orlando area will get about a foot of rain, which can cause flooding. Can't help thinking about Disney's new cartoon about a daughter of the devil that they call antichrist, but I don't suppose a flood can wash that away.

One of our leaders undergoing a surgery within few hours, please pray.

Wow!! 22 years as a Full-time Missionary Evangelist!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥Wow.....Thank you Father God for such an awesome me to remain excited and Faithful, In Jesus name!

Brother Yun and BTJ are responding to the deadly floods in Pakistan. Aid is being hand delivered by BTJ missionaries on the scene.

More help is needed. Use the link below to learn what you can do.

Breakthrough in new ventures continuing. Please pray that our soul winning and establishing small groups may succeed as well.

There is so much grief in my heart. I am grieving the loss of my stepdad. I am grieving for what my mother is currently going through. All I want is to take her home and make a home for her.

I spent the past 4 days and nights with her at the care home, holding her as she grieved at night. I’ve an inside view now, and I don’t want her there. I sill believe she needs to be with family.

She is also starting to wonder if God has abandoned her, she’s lost her husband, dogs, and home all at once.

Please pray for a miracle, that God makes a way for her to be with me. She needs to be with family that loves her. I don’t want the hardest time of her life, at 80 years of age, to be compounded by her being in a carehome. Needing some miracles from God and a path forward.

Also please pray for protection from Covid, a nurse there just came down with Covid, don’t want the facility to be locked down to where she can’t see me, or for her to get Covid and they stop me from seeing her 😭💔

@pamby1 @creeksidewilly @BrandiSmile @KarePatriot @cully45 @lynnmedichi @MadBeachBimbo I hope its okay if I can make a personal prayer request for myself.

I'm ok on my health, but I've been feeling very lonely at times. A lot of people in my family and friends have gotten married recently.

I want to find a wife that will not only keep me focused on God, but will also be edifying and helpful to me, my mother and family.

I hope its not too much to ask....

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