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Sign up at The greatest sign of the 2nd coming of Jesus isn't the evil. It is the gospel of Jesis being preached to the entire world for a witness. We are the first generation that has this goal within our reach. It takes 3o seconds to apply. The Bible school is free for you. It takes 30 seconds to register. The next class is Oct. 11th. Register for the next class - Bible prophecy, as we search the scripture on preparing the bride of Christ for the greatest revival the world has ever seen, the gospel will be preached all over the world, we will all be a part! It takes 30 seconds to register. Do it now before the spots run out at

Excited about Synergy Bible College. We are now fully Online. After having 15 campuses world wide, graduating 3715 people in many countries, we are now fully Online as well. People have joined our brand new divine healing class and God is really working

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@ChrisHarrison ok. I’m on here♥️I pray that God glorify me as I glorify Him. John 17:1

Why have 65 million left Christianity in the last 3 decades? Why does Gen Z have twice as many atheist as any other generation? Why are Christians fearful, lacking faith and full of anxiety? Would it suprise you to know that a massive amount of people who attend church in America are not Christians? Is it the seeker sensitive way of doing church that has caused this? Would it surprise you to know that the average American who attends the average church each Sunday never hears the gospel preached? Why is that? How can we reach Gen Z? How can we see America turned around? What if it is much less about trying to be relavant that matters and much more about being Biblical? Watch this and find out?

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@ChrisHarrison Hallelujah!
We are on the winning side!
7. May the Name of Jesus glorified in our neighborhood and across the world!

Let's open our eyes and see 'satan falling '

The Kingdom of God is expanding like a wild fire in Laos and across the Globe!

The King Of Glory is entering 10/40 window!

If every declared protestant and catholic shared Jesus with onky 3 people each, the whole world would be reach. If just every protestant would share Jesus with only 6 people, the whole world would be reached.

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Robbie gives latest report on Afghanistan.

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16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.
2 Corinthians 4:16 KJV

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@ChrisHarrison thank you for sharing God's amazing work!! Heaven is shouting for joy and we join in the joy with them here on earth!!

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@ChrisHarrison what an amazing God we have. And thank you for being obedient. Keep us posted so we can know how to pray

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This Sunday we want to thank God for preparations that He has made in Afghanistan.
Last year our Afghan partners told us that their electronic devices were being checked for Bible apps. BTJ hackers began working together on a solution for them and we were able to launch Operation Black Trumpet in Afghanistan.
Today the Taliban, in an event that few saw coming, is said to be going door-to-door looking at people's phones searching for Bible apps. If they have launched Operation Black Trumpet on their device, the Taliban would not be able to find the Bible on their phone. Not many Afghan Christians know about it, but it is spreading through the underground church.
Please keep them in your prayers.

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@ChrisHarrison Back in 2000 I met a brother from Laos. He was close to my age. I remember his smile and enthusiasm. I remember how he played the guitar with so much joy. I've wondered how his life has been since his return to his country 21 years ago... Was he one of the prisoners? One of the ones accomplishing the things on this list? Only God knows. Thank you for going.

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From our "on the ground" partner in Laos. Since January until now. Ready for this??
1. 24,361 have heard the gospel
2. 4,671 have been saved. (1 in 5 who heard)
3. 1,792 Baptized (2 in 5 saved get baptized)
4. 134 new discovery discipleship groups
5. 57 new house churches planted
6. 1689 leaders trained.
7. Jesus glorified.

Amen???!!!!!! Pray for Laos. Pray for AIM1040.COM AS we continue to focus on those who have never heard. Love you all.

We were blessed to feed prisoners for the gospel in Laos. Terrible situation for the believers in these prisons. But we were able through fabor to get some rice and veggies to some starving believers who have been there for years for the crime of sharing Jesus to others. Communism is evil. We were also able to distribute Lao Bibles and Lao Hymn books (they love these Hymn books). Finally were were able to send out flaming Evangelists who are going to all 53 districts within Lao to share the gospel, baptize, give Bibles, begin discovery Bible studies for unbelievers that will eventually turn into signs and wonders, healings, baptisms and new churches. God is working in Laos.

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Today is the International "Global Middle Finger to End Christianity Day"
It is interesting to note that this group of Atheists, hosting the event on Facebook didn't feel the urge to include any other religion - like - IDK - giving the Middle Finger to End Islam.
Atheists in China have been trying to end Christianity for over a thousand years.
Muslims have been trying to end Christianity for over a thousand years.
Hindus have been trying to end Christianity for over a thousand years.
All that tried - have failed. The glory of Christ will last long after the middle fingers of these young people have died and turned to dust in the ground and one day everyone in this photo will have to take a knee and bow before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

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How dangerous is the Gospel message?
BTJ's social media developer was kicked off Twitter
Taliban's social media manager has 300k Twitter followers and used Twitter to coordinate the capture of Kabul.

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