Dear brethren can you please pray for me . I have injured my knee badly in the last two days and finding it nearly impossible to walk on. The pain comes and goes in very sharp bursts which take my breath away. I am hoping to seek help from my doctor's surgery tomorrow morning.

Please please pray for my friend, I believe I her brain tumors have come back! She has much faith but is getting weaker! Thank you all for your prayers, please put Cheryl on all your prayer lists! Nothing is impossible with God!!

to anyone who is willing:
I'm so worldly again and most of the time I don't even see it. Please keep me in prayer that I might turn away from worlds vain attractions daily.

I want to be nearer to Christ. Nearer, still nearer...

Looking for prayer. I have some big decisions to make, and changes are inevitable.

A while ago my grandpa was hospitalized due to a severe case of covid. His fight with covid left his lungs very damaged and his body weak to other ailments. But we have seen God working through this. When the first hospital took one test after covid was gone and said he was going to die due to his weakened lungs, God gave him a nose bleed. That hospital said that they can’t handle that and sent him to a bigger hospital. As soon as he got there the bleeding “just stopped”. The new hospital ran testS and put him on treatments that worked so well he was moved to rehab. But when he started getting sick again and rehab could’t figure out why, God brought him to new doctors who found three infections. And he responded well to the medicine. Now his kidneys aren’t fully working, the doctors plan to put him on dialysis. But they have said it will take a miracle for him to walk away from this. That sounds like a challenge to us. Please join us in asking God to show them what a miracle looks like

A Chinese Christian leader recently told his congregation:

“Of course the government is watching you, and even listening to you in your own home! So make sure that what they are seeing is a true disciple of Christ!”

This is the attitude to take. We are not backing down. We are fully trusting in God’s sovereignty over what they do or don’t do to us. We are in the hands of the risen Jesus and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Be bold.

Hatred of many kinds exists in our fallen world today but perhaps no moreso than the kind that rages constantly against Jewish people and accuses them of causing all the wrongs that plague us. Perhaps even worse are those who use the perceived Jewish Supremacy of Jesus as an example that they claim supports their hatred. This is perhaps one of the best explanations of Jesus and His dealings with certain Jews as well as Gentiles that show how the enemy twists the truth in order to deceive and destroy.

🙏Urgent Prayers Needed 🙏
guys, as soon as I arrived back in Dubai, I had several messages from our team in North Korea.
They are begging for food and supplies. Things are REALLY bad right now inside North Korea.
I will be posting more details soon, but for now.... pls pray.

Update: My Grandpa has passed away. Please keep my family in prayer, especially my Grandma and mom.

Please pray an emergency prayer for my Grandpa Jerry Franklin and my family. I don't know anything yet, just that my mom is doing CPR on him right now

WOW! We just launched our PURIM special a few hours ago and the response has been amazing.
More than 65 orders for Jesus in Iran have already come in!
I want to thank all of our supporters and partners out there and I pray that this book will change the way you look at Purim, the book of Esther, and Iran forever.
Your Bible studies on Esther will NEVER be the same.
If you do not have the money to buy this book - DO NOT WORRY!
We have a special PURIM podcast for you where we share several mysteries that are revealed in this book for FREE!
Just go to our podcast TODAY and you will find it there.

Seriously, there is nothing legal about our government right now. They have broken every vow and every part of the constitution.

Elon Musk thinks I should delete my WhatsApp due to their blatant change of policy on privacy. I agree and here is what I am using instead...

GOD gave me two words for 2020.
Paradigm Shift
Had to look up definitions just to be clear. A fundamental shift in the foundations of how things work.
WOW was He right as always!
Masks that are utterly useless against any virus.
3rd world level corruption in voting in the US of A.
Lawlessness with governors approval.
Closing Churchs
Destroying the world economy via lock downs.
A complete loss of any form of logic regarding coronavirus.
Corruption boiled to the surface across the world.
A newly formed federation of evil economic giants led by the moral compass of the worst Pope in history under the guise of bringing morality into capitalism...
And on and on...
GOD is not disturbed in the least and all my hope and trust is in Him, so I'm good.
BTW We ain't seen nothing yet. Men's hearts failing them for things coming upon the earth...
Pray without ceasing and Trust in the LORD with all your heart. Love & Prayers

Serving is not a stepping stone to greatness; serving is greatness. (Matthew 20:27) Get rid of the mind-set that serving is a temporary role. When we realize God has put greatness inside of us, we won’t see serving as a threat to our self-worth; but it is actually a by-product of our healthy self-worth.

The Kingdom of God shouldn't be confused with a socio-political agenda.
It's fully in our midst as a spiritual kingdom this world is blind to.
One day, the invisible will be made gloriously visible.

"Train your mind to hear what God whispers and not what the enemy may be shouting."

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