@tymektt Thanks a lot. I´v been on DingDash at least half a year and didn´t know so much how to mange it.

@davereimer Thanks for Your advice. I´m probably doing that.

Hi all my friends,

I´v writen about my daughter Eliza who has cancer and has got I believe three jabs. Now , I´v not taken the vaccin but I´v high bloodpressure, over 200. It was relieved last Thursday when I was in the healthcare center for geting a B-12 injection. It was a very big shock for me. They wanted give me the bloodpressure medicin. I´m very sceptic to take such drugs so I said that I´ll wait and see what happens but they say You will eventually get serious heartproblem or end up with a stroke if You not take the medicin they will prescribe. What do You think?

@sarikorpi Tack, jag har lyssnat på detta budskap. Så sant! Må Gud hjälpa oss att söka Herren varje dag! Var välsignad!

@Mtranchgirl Yes, I´ll. I send a prayer reqest for my daughter and the Lord answered so the canceroperation went well.

Dear friends, my daughter Eliza has cancer and I I believe she has taken the third jab. She got inflammation in the liver and the pancreas. Apparently, things are pretty serious with Eliza. She has some metastasis that is blocking the connection between the pancreas and the liver. They stuck a camera down her throat. I´m serious worried about the outcome. She is 36 year old, married and have two wonderful little girls 5 and 6 years old.

@tanjaostman @sinbach I searched for brother Yuns message in Orlando Florida.


Thanks. Yes, it´s very nice winter as so far here in Gränna where I live. But I don´t understand why I´m often frezer. But it´s because I sit too much still and not play in the snow. Maybe i can do that when my grandchildren comes.

@Berrybunchfamily @tanjaostman

I was afraid when I heard this. Tomorrow one of my daughter is coming to visit me with her two small girls. I would certainly weep if she says that she want vaccinated them. She has cancer and are very pro covid-19 vaccines I red just now that it kills one of 6 it saves. Rumble — All three US vaccines have increased morbidity that is highly statistically significant. The Pfizer 6 month study shows that the Pfizer vaccine does save people from dying from COVID, but the inconvenient truth is that the all-cause mortality is NEGATIVE. For kids, the data shows it kills 6 kids for every kid it saves.

I listened to the interview with the young muslim man. Wonderful that he changed his mind ! Praise the Lord!

@tanjaostman Thanks, I´m from Sweden. It´s very similary here.

Hi, I cancealed my Fb-account for about half a year ago. They said that I´ll recieve a file with all that I´v been posted but I´v never got anything,

Why do back to Jerusalem subscription use gmail as first emailoption? I was directed to my gmail when I signed up for backtojerusalem podcast .


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