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Want to know how to easy it is start a business in Asia, Middle East and Africa?
We will show you everything in our step-by-step seminar and introduce you to missionaries who are ready to work with you to use business to help complete the Great Commission.

'On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that it does not recommend vaccine passport-style systems “at this time,” citing concerns about whether the vaccine is actually effective in reducing the transmission of the CCP virus as well as the lack of vaccinations being done in certain parts of the world.' Love how even the WHO says it's unknown it it is actually effective! Lol

I began reading this a few days ago, and couldn't put it down until I finished it.
SUCH an amazing book - challenging, moving and inspiring.
Highly recommend!

@MaryMamuzich I'm so sorry to hear that things were worse than expected for her, but so glad her bladder is okay and baby is doing well. Will pray for a full recovery and healing to be faster than expected. May she also be filled with God's peace and the awareness of His presence and love!💗

I have to be honest, as I "briskly" walk the streets here, the anger of my presence is palpable and is made vocal with hisses and unintelligible comments, but the love of Christ is greater. Hate is the sign of darkness and the greater the darkness the greater the need for the love of Christ. The carnal mind rejects the idea of sacrificial love but the enemy's aggression against it is a testimony to its power.

@Sonomalil we survive it by the grace of God! We have to trust in Him like the Israelites
did when they left Egypt.

One of our missionary families was just robbed. Their entire annual support was taken. All of their money for the rest of the year is gone. Please keep them in your prayers.

My husband left this earth on Saturday morning, died in his sleep 💔With a broken heart that only my Savior will be able to mend—- my best friend & husband (31yrs married). He was healthy. But he had an abnormal rare heart rhythm issue for many years. I thought we would grow old together. He was an example of God’s love to all who knew him. Because of him I could believe that God would love me forever. Right now my mind can’t comprehend my future without him. I appreciate your prayers.

@zephan how is your back? I'm praying Jesus will strengthen your back muscles and hold everything in it's proper place.

As you join your church services today, please remember those that were forcefully taken from theirs.

China has just proposed new laws to punish foreign Christians doing personal ministry inside China. We outline the specific laws that are the most problematic.

If we are abiding in Christ, He WILL ABSOLUTELY prune our lives, so we can bear more fruit. (John 15:2)

Please pray for these dear believers who have lost fathers, sons, daughters and homes. Pray for Armenia

Please pray for Brother Ren the translator of Brother Yun. They were on their last evening of tour in Sweden when he grew really sick. He has a fever and sore throat. He has had heart surgery and has a pace maker.
Thanks for the prayers.

Lockdown or No Lockdown, Job or No Job, Business Or No business, Gospel must be shared. Youth empowerment Gospel sharing and House church establishment. Keep in prayer.

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