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@TakeN very nice!!! It also has a Montana look to it.
Good job, as always!

@Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter Happy New Year!! I've enjoyed my time with the Lord praying for you and your family. 2023 will be even better!!

@Lindseyay we did have good Christmas! I pray you and your family did too! The Lord bless your new year!

@daniel oh, no! I hope not!
Sorry you're having troubles!

@Kruselady @zephan we had both cold and wind in our huge valley, it just didn't hit our area. I live right next to a huge mountain...must have protected us.

@Kruselady @zephan it was sooo cold! But! At least we didn't get the wind.

@zephan it has been very cold! (-35 F the other day)But temp is starting to climb to warmer weather.

Merry Christmas to my DD family!! May the true gift of Christmas hold you close; bring joy in sorrow; good health to all our sickness and constant praise in our prayers.
Sending my love and prayers to all of you.

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