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Please pray for Pakistan, many villages have been destroyed and wiped out from the surface of earth and many people and specially children died due to heavy flood. And it is still a lot of rain.

May God guide give us vision and faith through this weekend - Prayer.

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Praise the lord
This is singye from Bhutan please be praying for our OT recording team in Dzongkha. we are towards the end of Plasm.
There are many challanges in due to changes of new laws in the country.
lots of distrubance in public at present.
kindly pray for the leaders of our county to have good sight in the name of our lord.
and kindly pray for me and my family
with love singye

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Please don’t forget to pray for the orphans in China. Because of Covid no international adoptions are moving forward and there are many children waiting for parents and a loving home. 😰😰😰😰😰 they are on my hearts every day. Some little children even had parents arriving to be pick them up and bring them home.... when suddenly the China wall went up and no one could come in to pick them up anymore until Covid restrictions are lifted. Those children have been waiting ever since. Those parents are besides themselves waiting to come get them! Please pray the hearts can be turned soon to opening back up the roads for adoption. And that the people of God could also have moved hearts towards providing homes for children who have been abandoned and are suffering every day without a family.

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@tymektt Most of us are on 1 meal a day. Bicycling to farm, ministry locations, etc

Inspite of political chaos administrators are doing their job well.
Colombo mayor is a born again believer.
Out of 4 groups trying to rule the nation 2 hold extreme religious or ideological views. (One is communist).

People are open and receptive to the Gospel message than before..
Many groups are discouraging farmers from sowing paddy, etc with hidden agendas.
Some groups have became extremely vulnerable, especially the war widows of last decade, etc
Please pray against Human trafficking , Laziness and extreme poverty.

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Please pray for my mother and her husband, Dick and Roxane. They both went into the hospital today.

Dick is not at all well, he has liver failure and kidney failure and is very sick. He is swollen and jaundiced, blood count is a quarter of what it should be, and they are giving him blood right now.

Please pray for grace at work, as I try to take off work again for family emergency.

Please pray for a place for me to live closer to them, for God’s grace strength and help, and for salvation for both of them (they are both 80).

Thank you so much for praying.

Thanks to all that offered help on the process to private message on Ding Dash. I learned there is more than one way to do that. I think I have a process that is simple and will work.

Testing. Did only @DevotionalTreasures receive this message? Or did others receive it too?

I haven’t direct messaged for a while back on Ding Dash. I can’t remember how to do it now. Can someone give me instructions on how to do that, please?

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Please pray. I just witnessed to a guy who's in a deep valley in this crazy life. Plz pray he surrenders his life to Jesus.

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PTL! A couple thousand eBibles hidden from secret police. They move into country RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE. 🙏🙏🙏

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I was studying about the woman with the spirit of infirmity for 18 years and I saw the sad picture of many women in marriage. These women have been bruised, abused, and battered by their beastly husbands. As a result, they're now bowed and broken and unable to look up.
Emotionally broken and can't look up
Mentally broken and can't look up
Psychologically broken and can't look up
Spiritually broken and can't look up.

Though these women have lots of potentials in them, but the accidents of a failed marriage have broken them down.

The first thing Jesus did to the woman was to call her to His side - Relationship with Jesus. The first and greatest healing that every bowed and broken woman needs is to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Lady, get out of your seat of sorrow, sin, shame, depression, and regrets, and go and stand on the Lord's side of love. Jesus loves the woman. Hallelujah!

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Mark is doing very well after the tumor removal. Thank you for the prayers.

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